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Truck Park Search and Reservation

Truck parking plays an important role in the movement of freight around the world. (See Freight and Commercial). ITS can play a vital part in a number of different issues related to truck-parking:

  • reducing crime (Europe lost €9 billion in truck crime during 2011)
  • inappropriate parking (and related social and environmental issues)
  • availability (or better utilisation of existing capacity)
  • improving payment methods
  • differentiating standard of facilities
  • improving knowledge and awareness
  • enabling enforcement of standards

There are now several truck stop mobile apps of varying types for a number of geographic regions. Many provide a ‘where’s my nearest truckstop’ function with information on the nature of the parking and facilities available - including an assessment of security and services available. Most include details of the pricing of truck stops. Many allow drivers to log an online review of the facilities.

In Europe there has been a significant desire driven, by the European Union to improve the quality and security at truck stops and optimise the use of parking spaces. The SETPOS project was a trial programme to set new standards for secure truck parking throughout the EU, and to provide new truck parks to demonstrate standards. The aim was to improve driver welfare and security, as well as offer a secure location for freight whilst travelling on the Trans-European Road Network. All of these sites offered pre-booking as part of the pan-European network, so that drivers would not need to ‘bank’ driving hours in case their original choice was full. Currently, limited use is made of truckpark advanced reservations.

In the United States, the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH), is adding truck parking guidance to its portfolioof ITS services. Parking space availability at truck parks is monitored using wireless sensors - and the information is relayed through either, roadside signs (See Roadside DMS) or through the State’s 5-1-1 Highway Information Service.

ANPR cameras can often be used to ensure both the identity of the vehicle as well as offering a route for charging for use of the truck park and its facilities. (See Electronic Payment).

From an ITS service perspective the key requirement is to have a clear and uniform structure for truck park classification and space reservation. In the EU the Label project, a successor to SetPos, has developed a truck park classification system with criteria and service levels for security and facilities.

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