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Network Operations

Porto, Portugal – Traffic operations centre

Ground transport is essential to every country’s economic and social well-being. Many existing road networks have reached the limits of their capacity; so to ensure continued or improved efficiency, effectiveness and safety, better use of the existing infrastructure is essential.

Traditionally, road authorities and other organisations responsible for roads and highways, such as toll road operators, have focused primarily on building and maintaining the infrastructure: roads, highways, bridges and related facilities. Over the years, as traffic volumes have increased, this focus has shifted to place greater emphasis on effectively operating and managing the road networks to minimise disturbances and gain maximum usage. This transition is not easy because it involves re-thinking how the organisations carry out their mission and how the agencies themselves are structured.

Operating the network covers all field operations designed to maintain a satisfactory level of service for road users or, in the event of a disturbance, restore conditions as close as possible to the normal situation.

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