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Road Network Operations - The Basics

Istanbul, Turkey – A complex mix of road usersRoad Network Operations (RNO) cover all traffic monitoring, traffic management and road user support activities intended to permit, improve or facilitate the use of an existing road network, whatever its conditions of use. 

A formal definition would be “maintaining optimal conditions on the road network in relation to supply of road space and user demand”.

Supply is based on the availability of road space at any given time and its allocation between different groups of road users, which will be a reflection of the road’s function and its position in the road hierarchy (local all-purpose roads, main arterial roads and strategic roads of regional or national importance).

User Demand reflects the needs of the various customers and stakeholders who are road users - and their operational objectives.

Road Network Operations are also concerned with fulfilling customer services and serving society goals, in order to have safer, better-informed road users. Travellers of all kinds use the road networks, as do freight transporters, shippers and carriers of goods, tradesmen or public transport operators. They all want and expect reliable information to help them make well-informed decisions about their journey plans.

The scope of RNO therefore includes all the activities that directly service the needs of road users - the individuals and the organisations who make use of the network.

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