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Most transport modes are experiencing rising congestion and this directly affects the economies of many nations. Relief for road congestion is an issue all over the world.

Road Network Operations (RNO) concern the methods at the disposal of road authorities and highway infrastructure operators that contribute to safer and more efficient travel for road users and for society as a whole. This includes techniques such as traffic incident detection, incident management, traffic control (urban and inter-urban), traveller information (pre-trip and on-trip), public transport priorities, electronic payment and travel demand management techniques.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) concern a wide range of services that use information and communications technology that can improve transportation and mobility.

The range of ITS tools and services for road transport are explained here, together with the ways they can be deployed. There are also case studies of practical examples of ITS good practice from around the world.

ITS has become a core discipline in Road Network Operations, varying from country to country in levels of take-up and local applicability. This website offers guidance on the effective use of ITS in Road Network Operations based on practical experience in many countries.

Advice to users

This website is divided into nine themes. Each theme is made up of topics that describe the technical, institutional and practical issues covered. 

They are clustered into four groups as shown below:

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The Basics

Road Network Operations


Building Blocks


Emerging Economies

How the information is organised

The nine main themes are grouped under four main headings:

The Basics

  • Road Network Operations – The Basics
  • Intelligent Transport Systems – The Basics

Road Network Operations

  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Operations
  • Network Control
  • User Services

Building Blocks

  • Systems and Standards
  • Planning and Deployment

Emerging Economies

Each of the nine themes has a top-level page that outlines the scope of the information provided with options to drill down to detailed topics that are shown in a side menu and listed as "Other Pages" at the bottom of the page.

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Other Pages

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Case Studies, References and Multi-Media 

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