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Network Monitoring 

Santiago, Chile – Real-time network monitoringMonitoring the status of the road network and prevailing traffic conditions is fundamental to road network operations. It is a support activity – but the activity is not an end product in itself. The data and information that are the products of monitoring, provide the raw material for other services – notably reporting road network status to traffic control room operators and providing information services to road users. 

Network controllers and operators must have continual access to quantitative and qualitative information to manage and maintain the road network as effectively as possible.


  • taking quick, appropriate action to limit or even avoid disruptions in services or system malfunction as a result of traffic incidents and events affecting the network
  • monitoring traffic following any measure or incident involving a major change in traffic (for example the introduction of new infrastructure or extended closure of a major arterial road)
  • implementing adequate long-term operational measures

Network monitoring involves keeping track in real-time of traffic conditions and external events likely to affect the use of the roadway, such as adverse weather, traffic incidents and other events. It includes

  • traffic and network status monitoring
  • traffic incident detection
  • weather monitoring
  • journey time monitoring

Quick response to incidents based on monitoring of road and traffic conditions enables the operator to take appropriate actions to minimise the negative effects of incidents. The resulting impacts of the operations activities are again monitored and evaluated to take further action. A closed loop of information involving monitoring, decision-making and evaluation of resulting impacts is thus maintained.

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