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User Services

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Intelligent Transport Systems can enable a very wide range of user servcies:

  • in passenger transport operations:  ITS-based servcies cover operational planning, transport provision, fleet management and passenger information
  • for private cars and commercial vehicle fleets: driver support services include in-vehicle navigation, safety and fuel-efficient driving
  • freight and commercial road transport: ITS technologies are applied to the logistics chain, inlcuding electronic payment transactions, electronic weighbills, vehicle safety and security operations

Moving people and freight seamlessly is at the heart of efficient transport services and operations. The challenge is to meet the demand for transport in a way that is sustainable. The application of proven technologies to services that support efficient, clean, safe, attractive, and competitive transport operations provides a number of cost effective solutions.

The potential for added value services is as broad as the problems they need to address – whether it is fleet management, electronic ticketing, security screening or anything else.

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