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Terminal Processing

Asset tracking, end-to-end asset tracking and eManifests enable loads to be processed far more swiftly than previously. Information about the order in which containers are entering the terminal can be transmitted in advance, ensuring that a handling plan can be set up in advance. This improves efficiency - containers or loads can be quickly moved from inbound arrival to outbound departure points without long layovers whilst their details are checked and the load’s path through the terminal is planned.

These movements can be very quick, with a 100 container train being stripped and reloaded within 90 minutes:

  • 45% of trucks - stripped and reloaded within 15 minutes
  • another 45% - stripped and reloaded within 30 minutes
  • the remainder – generally being serviced in under 45 minutes

Such reliable, quick turnaround times make railfreight increasingly attractive to operators, as the processing time is minimised and vehicles can be used more productively.

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