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Sharing of electronic data is the bedrock on which all ITS solutions are based. To be successful it is important that standards (See ITS Standards) are available to enable interoperability - so that all safety and load information can be seamlessly transferred between countries, operators and regulators.

The eManifest, as an electronic depository of the contents of all trucks, simplifies border clearance, credential checking and terminal processing. It also supports intermodal transport operations providing the transport operators and shippers in the intermodal chain with access to the same documentation. This facilitates an unbroken journey between transport providers and between transport modes.

eManifests provide operators and the emergency services with access to much needed data - without having to rely on paper copies which may be damaged, lost, or only held within the vehicle itself. Emergency response is helped by knowing the contents of any freight vehicle involved in an incident. The eManifest also helps operators maintain good access to data about their current loads and destinations.

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