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Secure Lorry Parking

One of the key ways to improve the security of freight movements nationally and internationally across continents - is through the provision of secure lorry parking at key points on the road network. Through fencing, lighting and CCTV coverage, it is possible to deter and often prevent criminals from gaining access to lorries, especially when compared to more ad-hoc parking in locations such as lay-bys. Some facilities – generally for very high value cargo - offer driver identification and numberplate recognition services at entry and exit points.

Crime related to lorry load thefts have significant costs impacts. The costs to the UK economy, for example, are approximately £250 million a year – and across the European Union as a whole amount to approximately €9 billion. This has made the provision of secure lorry parking a key priority which is being taken forward in a series of European Union funded projects such as SETPOS (, LABEL ( and EasyWay. (See Case Study: Secure Truck Parking (European Union))

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